Restaurant - The best of Vietnamese and International cuisine

Vung Tau is renowned and diverse with so many culinary flavors combination. DIC Star Landmark is the guidance for customers to experience cultural ethics through the taste. Close your eyes and sip the strong coffee flavor in the fresh air of Vung Tau at dawn. Enjoy a cozy dinner with family in the luxurious space of the Restaurant. And when night falls, you can relax and enjoy the peaceful moments while looking up to the starry sky and enjoying the magnificent ocean view with colorful cocktails prepared by professional bartenders.

DIC Star Landmark restaurant is designed in a luxurious European style with a capacity up to 300 guests and serving time is from 6:00 am - 9:00 pm. With graceful curves in design and furniture, our restaurant creates a spacious and open space that brings comfort to customers.

We are always proud of the professional and experienced managers as well as staff crew who are ready to serve customers 24/7. Customers will enjoy the unique dishes with Vietnamese and Asian and western cuise culture identity made by the top chefs of the DIC Star Landmark. This will definitely bring you an unforgettable experience.

DIC Star Landmark restaurant - a essence of cuisine!

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